Our Story


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Learning the skills

The founder of our company, Antonio, learned his skills in Italy then immigrated to Canada.


Crafted with care

In 1959, Antonio arrived in Canada where he began a woodshop in his garage.
As family members arrived in Canada, he would craft wooden tables for them, believing that they were essential components of family gatherings. Soon, he began to produce doors, trim, and kitchen cabinets for sale.


Like Father, Like Son

Antonio introduced his young son, Joseph, to woodworking early. Joseph worked with his father only after school and on weekends. When they officially opened their business together, they specialized in doors and trim for large home builders. They would craft kitchen cabinets only as passion projects.


Building it Right

Opened Luxor Homes
Eventually, father and son chose to incorporate all of their skills under one roof. This allowed them to produce their doors and trim together while Antonio crafted the kitchen cabinets. Every aspect of each home was built by their own hands.


Luxor Realty Inc., Brokerage

Joseph and his wife, Marianna, chose to combine their skills to serve their customers best. As the company grew, it became time for the family to represent the homes they built together. Joseph is still responsible for the impeccable detail and finish in his homes. As the head of Luxor Realty, Marianna has an intimate understanding of the sound choices he always makes.


A product to stand the test of time

Homeowners are like family. The Pinto family has always maintained respectful relationships with their homeowners, even those who bought 20 years ago.


Building the future

Joseph's daughter, Maria, officially joined Luxor in 2014. Now responsible for developments, buildings, and communities, she brings her family’s work ethic into every project. To keep pace with advancements in technology, she is even working to elevate the craftsmanship, quality, and values to the next level. As always, the goal is to build the very best homes and communities that can be created.